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Speech Services

The South Hunterdon Regional School District employs a full time speech/language specialist at each school who provides support for students three years of age through 12th grade. Speech therapy encompasses four areas: Articulation, Voice, Fluency, and Language. A student may need support in one or more of these areas. A teacher or parent may request a speech evaluation.

For additional information about the speech program at SHRSD, please contact our Special Services Office at 609-397-1311.

Our Speech and Language Specialists are:

South Hunterdon Regional Elementary School
Nick Nocella, M.S.Ed., LDT-C
Phone: 609-397-0183 x1345

South Hunterdon Regional Middle School
Diane Ford, M.S.Ed., LDT-C
Phone: 609-397-0183 x1340

South Hunterdon Regional High School
Kristin Iturbides, M.S.Ed., LDT-C
Phone: 609-397-0183 x1258