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Child Study Team Referral Process

The Referral Process:
1. Pre-Referral
SHRSD incorporates a Multi-Tiered System of Supports to identify and address students’ educational needs. The Intervention and Referral Services Teams in each school provide a framework for data driven collaborative teamwork to identify and support the learning needs of students demonstrating academic and behavioral challenges. Through the I&RS process, parents, caregivers, and district staff work together to utilize general education interventions and resources to achieve targeted goals prior to evaluating a child for potential special education identification. Based on the outcomes of interventions, the child may or may not be referred to the Child Study Team for potential special education evaluation.

2. Referral to the Child Study Team
Students may be referred to the Child Study Team through the I&RS Team, School Administration, and Parents and Guardians. To make a referral, the written request should be submitted to the building principal or directly to the Office of Special Services. When the written referral is received, a Case Manager is assigned to work with the family and an Initial Referral meeting is scheduled.

3. The Evaluation Process
Once it has been determined that an evaluation for potential special education eligibility is warranted parents are asked to provide consent to begin testing. Parent consent is required in order for initial evaluations to take place. Once consent is received, the evaluation process concludes with an eligibility determination and, if appropriate, a proposed Individual Education Program for the student within 90 calendar days.