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1:1 Chromebook Program

The SHRSD Board of Education is committed to providing the students of this District with the technology, tools and resources that enhance achievement for 21st century learners. Excellence in education requires that technology be seamlessly integrated throughout the educational program. Increasing access to technology is essential for the future, and one of the learning tools of these 21st century students is the school furnished computer device. The use of school furnished computing device shall help empower students to maximize their full achievement potential and prepare them for transitions to middle school, high school, college and the workplace.

Technology immersion shall facilitate the learning process by providing access to educational resources via the Internet and enhancing the continuous dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents and the extended community. Effective teaching and learning with school furnished computing devices shall integrate technology into the curriculum both during classes and outside of school.

Benefits of Student 1:1 Devices:

  • Facilitates access and interaction of schoolwork for students and teachers, and consequently time saving;
  • Expands access to current, high-quality information;
  • Increases student motivation;
  • Improves student attentiveness;
  • Develops of student autonomy;
  • Raises the academic interaction between students and between students and their teacher;
  • Individualizes and differentiates learning;
  • Employs active, interactive and meaningful learning with multimedia support;
  • Develops IT skills;
  • Promotes Universal access;
  • Breaks down of the barriers between the school and society;
  • Proliferates students’ future opportunities.

Student/Device Safety:

  • Only a District provided SHRSD.ORG Google Account can be used with the device. NO Guest or personal Google accounts will be able to log in.
  • Only district approved apps and capabilities are accessible.
  • Forced device re-enrollment to SHRSD.ORG if device wiping is attempted in the case of loss/theft.
  • Parents encouraged to login alongside their children for any monitoring or general usage needs.
  • At school we employ web filtering solutions that help protect students from inappropriate content and minimize non-educational Internet use. At home this remains the responsibility of the parent.
  • Student Internet access outside of school will be no different with this device than if they were to use an existing home computer, tablet or smartphone.

Affordable Internet for Eligible Families - Please visit the Internet Essentials website

Student Expectations:

  • Students are expected to charge their device at home each night and bring it to school with them each day.
  • Shut down device during long periods of non-use (To/From school, lunch, gym, between classes, etc.)
  • Device use will be allowed at the discretion of the teacher. Each teacher may have their own policy/rules.
  • The student is expected to remain on-task at all times (device or not).

Device Care:

  • Students are expected to carefully/gently transport their device to/from school in a soft-backpack or a protective carry case.
  • In-school transport in backpack.
  • Never transport the device with the screen opened up.
  • Never carry or grab the Chromebook by the screen.  Always pick it up from the bottom/keyboard area.
  • Never leave items on the keyboard/inside the device when closing the lid. (Papers, pens, etc)
  • Remember, the device you are issued is yours for a minimum of three years. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is! Take responsibility and good care to get the most out of your device.