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Counseling Vision Statement:

The overarching goal of the South Hunterdon Regional School District’s Counseling Program is to support all students' overall development: academic, social-emotional, and personal. We are advocates for students as they navigate their world and gain necessary academic and life skills, and develop healthy relationships with self and others. 

Additionally, through the exploration of postsecondary options and the regular setting of academic and personal goals, we guide students toward an independent future as productive members of our global society. Our curriculum is aligned with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National model, which offers a comprehensive framework of best practice in meeting the needs of all students. At the high school level, counselors first meet students when they arrive at South Hunterdon as freshmen. The same counselor will guide these students through the next four years of their high school experience, advising on academic curriculum and course selection, and assisting in overall development

Use the links below to visit our individual school counseling pages:

Lambertville Public School
West Amwell Twp Elementary
South Hunterdon Regional MS/HS

Please visit our Mental Health Resources page if you or someone you know needs assistance.


Melissa Cortina, Elementary School Counselor
Phone: 609.397.0183  Ext. 1272

Jaimie Doran, Middle School Counselor
Phone: 609.397.0819  Ext. 1304

Joanne Fenimore, Middle School Counselor
Phone: 609.397.2060  Ext. 1244

Dana Keck, High School Counselor
Phone: 609-397-2060 Ext. 1344

Bay Pedersen, High School Counselor
Phone: 609.397.2060  Ext. 1246

Tom Bill, Student Assistance Counselor
Phone: 609-397-2060 Ext. 1225