Board Members & Committees

The South Hunterdon Regional School District Family congratulates the newly elected President and Vice-President of the South Hunterdon Regional School District Board of Education: 

 Kevin Koveloski, President

Filomena Hengst, Vice-President

We would also like to welcome and congratulate Lauren Young as a new member of the Board.  Good luck and best wishes as you join with the rest of our Board of Education to provide leadership as we move into a new and exciting decade.

SHRSD Board of Education Members

Kevin Koveloski (President)

Filomena Hengst (Vice President)

Lauren Braun-Strumfels

Jim Gallagher

Traci Paciulli

Diana Pursell

Meagan Warner

Lauren Young

SHRSD Board of Education Committees

Budget and Finance:

Karen Kominsky (Chair), Jim Gallagher, Kevin Kovaloski, Diana Pursell

Buildings, Grounds & Transportation:
Karen Kominsky (Chair), Jim Gallagher, Kevin Kovaloski, Diana Pursell

Curriculum and Technology
Anne Nicolas (Chair), Traci Paciulli, Lauren Braun-Strumfels, Meagan Warner

Facility Work Group (Ad Hoc):
Jim Gallagher (Chair), Anne Nicolas, Diana Pursell, Meagan Warner

Kevin Kovaloski (Chair)
, Filomena Hengst, Anne Nicolas, Lauren Braun-Strumfels

Jim Gallagher (Chair), Filomena Hengst, Traci Paciulli, Lauren Braun-Strumfels 

Safety (Ad Hoc):
Kevin Kovaloski (Chair), Jim Gallagher, Karen Kominsky, Diana Pursell

School and Community:
Meagan Warner (Chair), Jim Gallagher, Filomena Hengst, Traci Paciulli